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Selling your Kentucky home. Cinematic propety tours



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Market your home to the maximum! We deliver cinematic property tours to get the most exposure when selling your home. We are dedicated and passionate about making your home stand out from the competition.




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Buyers are not always searching for homes online. However, more than 81% of the US are using some sort of a social media platform. We creatively market your home on social media to help get in front of even more buyers.





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What is the first impression of your home? The first showing typicaly takes place online - we want to make sure it stands out from the other houses!




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Selling your home. Social media exposure



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We know the importance of how your home looks online. We strive to create an image that allows buyers to fall in love with your home.




"Thanks sincerely to Ed & Nathan Garrett for all their help! They sold two properties for us (1-house in Crestwood, and 1-townhouse in Prospect). We give them our highest recommendation."
-Nelson Family



Selling your home on different devices



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Find out how many views and impressions your home is getting across different platforms.




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We service the Louisville area and surrounding counties. We would love to help sell your house fast in Louisville. Contact us below with any questions or give us a call or text at 502-536-9036.

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