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It's that time to make the big move!

Chances are you have lived in your home for five, ten or even fifteen plus years. There has probably been a lot of changes over the years...maybe even some wear and tear along the way.

With a quick guide for ten easy tips, you could drastically help increase the amount of money you can make on the sale of your home.

Chances are you have started your search for Louisville real estate online, or even walked through a couple of Open Houses. But now is the time to focus and invest a little time and money and learn how to sell your home for more.

How to Make More Money Selling Your Home

How to Sell Your Home for More Money


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1. Price Below Market Value

One way to sell your home for more money is to list your Oldham County home for sale below the current market value. Maybe even 5-10% below the current value! As a homeowner, this may sound crazy or nuts. You may even be reluctant to try this approach -- but the results may surprise you. This can be highly effective and may drive in, even more, offers and buyers than you have ever imagined.

Pricing your home slightly below the Market Value can create an urgency to active buyers who know the market. Doing so, can increase the odds of countless showings and hopefully a bidding war of multiple offers.

Buyers who are very active online know the current housing market extremely well and are willing to pay top dollar for a turn key ready home that is priced accordingly.

Getting the pricing just right is one of the most important tips when getting your home ready to sell. Setting the correct price in the right market...can make a big difference! Don't fall trap to pricing your home too high.

Today buyers can spot a home that is overpriced very easily. 

Remember. Just because you price your home below market value does not mean you have to accept a low offer on your home and potentially lose thousands of dollars. This can be a great technique when selling your home for more money and a great way to create a buzz and attract a lot of buyers.

2. Add More Light

One of the most common staging tips to help get your home sold is to bring in as much natural light into the room as possible! If you can't remember the last time you cleaned the windows in your house, now is the time to clean them. Inside and out! Also, make sure all of your windows and window treatments are functioning properly.

Replace any burnt out light bulbs throughout the house and if there are any rooms in the house that are poorly lit, bring in an extra lamp or two. Keep the light balanced though...you don't want to overdo it.

If there is a dimmer switch, make sure the dimmer is set at a good balance for the room.

3. Clean Out the Closets

It is hard to try and maintain a clean and clutter free closet for the majority of the general population. None the less, this is a good time to do some straightening up. Basically, open up the closet doors and pull everything out and go through it. If winter has passed and you are in the middle of spring, pack away all of your winter clothes.

If all goes well, you won't be needing them until long after you have moved into your new home!

Also, it is an ideal time to make donations. Go through your clothes and donate your old clothes to a local charitable organization or any nearby donation center.

Your goal should be...to get at least 50% of the clothes and belongings out of your closet!


So when a buyer opens up the closet doors, they see the available closet space. Not an unorganized, overstocked storage area.

4. Paint the Front Door

Make your front door look good! This is the main point of entry.

Depending on the age of your home or how much of a beating the front door has taken. It may need to be replaced. But, we want to try and keep the cost down.

Take the proper steps when preparing your door for paint. Remove the door from the hinges, clean the door of all dirt and debris and then lightly sand it.

Picking the right color.

Give your home a boost. Painting the front door can make a home feel more welcoming. By carefully choosing the right color for the home, you can unexpectedly make your house stand out from all the rest.

Don't let an old, weathered door be a buyer's focal point. Make it look good!

5. Enhance the Landscaping

To sell your home for more and faster it helps to give your home a great boost of curb appeal by sprucing up the landscaping around the front of your home.

By carefully planning and doing your homework you can achieve a nice upgrade on a small budget. Doing this correctly can help yield a higher return on your money and drastically help you increase the amount of money when the house sells. It is important to take the proper steps when getting your home ready to sell for the spring or summer market.

6. Stain Deck and Driveway 

Staining your deck and driveway is a cost-effective way to prolong the life of an area that takes a beating from the weather as well as heavy foot traffic.

Before getting started, make sure you follow the correct steps.

  1. Clean your driveway
    1. Give it a thorough cleaning. Using a garden hose, you can spray off all loose debris. Apply degreaser to better penetrate any oils or stains.
  2. Stain your driveway
    1. Wear the proper clothes when applying the stain. Long pants, long-sleeved shirt, and protective gloves. Apply the stain using long, even vertical strokes.
  3. Apply Sealer
    1. Give your driveway an added layer of protection. After the stain has completely dried you may add a layer of concrete sealer.

When you seal your driveway, update your landscaping and paint your front door. You are leaving a lasting impression on any buyer that is taking a look at your home.

Your home will give the buyer a comforting feeling, knowing your home has been properly maintained.

7. Paint Walls Neutral Colors

Don't let the color of your walls be the focal point of a room. After living in a home for quite some time, chances are you have a painted the rooms in your house multiple times.

Depending on the current color of the walls in the rooms, you may want to think about re-painting. It will be easier for a buyer to relate to a neutral color that is the backdrop of a room and not be distracted by a room that is bold and loud.

Here are some examples of popular colors that would be great to use when painting a room:

Neutral Color, Bleeker Beige Neutral Color, Dover White Neutral Color, Bleeker Beige
Neautral Color, Grant Beige Neutral Color, Netsuke Neutral Color, Sedate Grey

8. Clean. Clean. Clean. 

Once you have finished doing all of the maintenance and updates throughout the home. Now is a good to do a deep cleaning.

IMPORTANT: Do not show a dirty house to a prospective buyer.

You wouldn't go to an interview in the clothes that you wore while working in the yard over the weekend….would you?

Spend a long weekend cleaning your house from top to bottom. Have the carpets steam cleaned, clean all windows, inside and out. Don't forget the window sill too. Deep clean the corners and crevices that may not have been touched in years. Clean the cobwebs that are out of reach in the foyer.

Don't forget the baseboards too. Get down on your hands and knees and wipe them clean.

9. Pack Away Picture Frames

It is important that when you are selling your home, you depersonalize your space. Minimize any distractions so the buyer(s) focus on the features and details of the home. Pack away all pictures, trophies, and awards that you have gathered over the years.

You want your home to be neutral and appealing to the buyer, make it easy for them to picture their pictures and personal belongings throughout the house.

10. Kitchen Improvements 

Kitchen improvements can yield high returns if done properly. Earn more money on the sale of your home by carefully planning the right upgrades for your kitchen. Depending on the improvements, it may not be a bad idea to consult with a professional contractor. 

Especially if you are considering any kind of demolition.

You can easily transform your kitchen on a small budget and still have lasting results. These 3 small updates can be very manageable and cost-effective too:

  1. Kitchen Cabinets
    1. Reface your cabinets. Simply remove the cabinet doors, prep, and paint. You will be surprised at the difference this can make.
  2. Countertops
    1. Are your countertops dated? Look into replacing them with new countertops to really make your kitchen stand out.
  3. Backsplash
    1. Adding backsplash to your kitchen can make a big difference and it is very manageable for any amateur DIY'er...

Final Thoughts

It is important to do your homework and take the proper steps along the way to avoid making any mistakes when selling your home. If you have any tips that could help a homeowner sell their home for more money, please share in the comments below.

Super easy ways to SELL your Home for More MONEY!

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This is an important article about selling a house. When it comes selling a house most owners sell it to more lower market values. Because they didn't follow these simple steps mentioned above. So I think this article going to be a gold mine for current house sellers. Thank you for sharing this valuable article with us. Keep these coming. Cheers.

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Wonderful article and worth sharing!

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