Louisville is famous for many things, from the Derby, to the Louisville Slugger bat, and to some, even well-known as the birthplace of the Old Fashion.

However, the drink choices don't stop with bourbon. Louisville also has a thriving beer scene you don't want to miss.

Below we will highlight 17 of the best breweries in Louisville that contribute to the city's happy hour. Let's hop to it!

Against the Grain Brewery

Against the Grain Brewery & Public House

Located in downtown Louisville near the East Market District. A staple in Louisville, this brewery is known for its diverse beer range and creative, frivolous names. Their riverside location offers a great location, making it a perfect stop for both beer and meal.

LOCATION: 401 E Main St, Louisville, KY 40202
HOURS: 11 AM - 10…

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Many people dream of building wealth. A goal that can seem more challenging and harder to achieve simply because of a lack of action. One of the strongest wealth-building vehicles over time has been the investment in Real Estate. Not just a dwelling, but specifically in the land itself. The history of real estate investing has surprisingly been traced back to caveman drawings and from the looks of it...it's not going anywhere soon.

Real Estate Investing Quotes

It is all around us, real estate is a major contributor to maintaining a healthy economy. Below are some of the most powerful quotes that can help inspire you to start investing.

  1. "The wise young man or wage earner of today invests his money in real estate." -Andrew Carnegie

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