Author Nathan Garrett Nathan Garrett March 13th, 2023

Below is a look at the current Louisville real estate market. Numbers and statistics are gathered from the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors® (GLAR) for the month of February 2023.

Louisville Real Estate Market - February 2023

Current Louisville Housing Market (10-year Trend)

Sales slowed down quite a bit for the month of February, bringing it down to its lowest point since 2014. The total number of sales was 896. This is down -23.5% from February 2022.

We saw home prices peak in June 2022 at $265,250. The median sale price for February 2023 was $243,950 - which is slightly up from this time last year when the sale price was $235,000 (February 2022).

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Being a homeowner can be rewarding, but unfortunately, sometimes it can also be expensive. If you have recently bought a new house, you likely remember the importance of the age of certain items when looking at homes for sale. From the furnace to the water heater, the roof, and so on. Factoring in the cost to repair these items or even replace them is costly. 

As a new homebuyer, it can be helpful to have a buyer checklist to help keep track of the important things to look out for when buying a home. 

infographic of 48 different appliance and household item life spans

Life Expectancy of Household Items

Replacing items around the home can be frustrating. Not only can the unexpected expense put a strain on finances but it is also time-consuming when having to shop…

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