Top dog parks in Louisville KY

Depending on your location, there may actually be a dog park just around the corner from you! A great place where you can take your four-legged friend to get some exercise. However, keep in mind, some dog parks in Louisville actually require you to be a paid member for a small annual fee. So be sure to check before making the trip to a certain park.

What are the Best Dog Parks in Louisville?

Below is a list of some of the top dog parks in the area (in no particular order).

  1. The Barklands of Floyds Park: An off-leash dog park located within the Parklands of Floyds Fork. This dog park is opened to the members of the Louisville Dog Run Association. The area consists of three separates 'zones'. Each one is approximately one-acre in size.
  2. Louisville Champions Park: Located minutes from downtown Louisville off of River Rd at Zorn. This park requires Louisville Dog Run membership as well.
  3. Cochran Hill Dog Run Park: Found at Cherokee Park. Minutes from downtown Louisville, this park has as a two-acre area designated for dogs. Split into two separate areas, one area is for all dog use and the other half is for small dog use.
  4. Elizabeth Cleland Cauley Dog Park: In the Wendell Moore Park in Oldham County. Just over 100 acres, Wendell Moore Park is located in Buckner, KY. Which about 30 minutes from Louisville. This is Oldham County's first, off-leash dog park. At the park is two-acres for your dog to get some exercise.
  5. Old Louisville Dog Run: Located in the heart of Old Louisville, the Toonerville Trolley Park is two-acres found on the corner of Oak Street and Brook Street. The LDRA is continuing to work with the park to better help establish the Dog Park.
  6. Sawyer Dog Park: Found at EP Tom Sawyer State Park. A 369-acre state park located in the east end of Louisville also offers an off-leash dog park. Which was actually one of the first in the community. The six-acre dog run can be found across the street from the main entrance of EP Tom Sawyer. This park is also split up into two designated areas; one for all dogs and one for smaller dogs.
  7. Vettiner Dog Run: Located at Charlie Vettiner Park this dog park is found just behind the tennis courts and is also two-acres that are split into two areas. One for all dogs and the other for small dogs. It's said that this dog park has a great overlooking view of the rest of the park.
  8. Waverly Dog Run: At Waverly Park, located towards the end of Waverly Park Rd. This dog park is less than two acres and has only one area for all dogs. The area can be found just past the lake, back near the wooded area.

Non-LDRA Parks

When visiting local parks there is always a concern of your dog coming in contact with other pets and coming down with some kind of illness. This is one of the many reasons why there are associations like the Louisville Dog Run Associations. This helps make sure your pup and their furry friends are safe when out visiting local dog parks. Recently, there was an outbreak of the dog flu that was putting lots of dogs at risk. So, when you are visiting a local dog park that doesn't require vaccinations, it can be a heightened risk of spreading an illness.

  1. Michael Kay's Bark Park: Located at Red Orchard Park in Shelbyville. The Park is divided into two separate areas. A three-acre lot that is open for all dogs, but specifically for dogs weighing more than 30 lbs. The other lot is for smaller dogs, weighing less than 30lbs.
  2. Norton Commons Dog Park: Found in a large open area in the Norton Commons neighborhood. Fenced in and residency is not required. However, you must first register and get a park tag at the Norton Commons office before using the community dog park.
  3. Hayes Kennedy Park: Visit the exercise area with your four-legged friend at this dog park. Located in Kennedy Park in Prospect. Unfortunately, there is not an off-leash designated area here though.
  4. Morton Avenue Dog Park: One of the more popular dog parks in Louisville is located off of Morton Avenue and Baxter Ave in the Highlands. This park is well maintained and welcoming to all guest! 

Visiting You Local Dog Park

When visiting a dog park in Louisville, always be cautious of other dogs at the park. Unfortunately, from time to time there may be an aggressive dog that an owner brings to try and get their pet to be more 'sociable'. If you see another dog that has body language that makes you feel uncomfortable, it may be a good reason to get your dog and leave. Also, depending on your dog or their age, it may be a risk if your pet doesn't have the proper vaccinations. Be sure to take the proper steps and be a responsible pet owner when taking your pet out to socialize with other dogs.

Some Louisvillians are either for or against the idea of being a paid member to visit a local dog park but regardless the City of Louisville is a dog-friendly city and is welcoming to you and your pup. What is your favorite dog park to visit in Louisville?

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