742 EVERGREEN TERRACE: Beautiful two-story home with basement. Through the arched, front door you are welcomed into the foyer. To the left is a cozy sitting room with a bay window, and to the right, is the dining room that also features a nice bay window. Towards the back of the home, is the living room and kitchen. The second story features four bedrooms! A master bedroom that offers a nice ensuite bathroom. There is also an additional bathroom upstairs. The backyard is surrounded by a wooden picket fence and a low box hedge. Also a patio and a custom treehouse!

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The Simpson's House - How Much is it Worth?

One of the most iconic and beloved shows of the last thirty plus years has been Fox's "The Simpsons." After first airing in 1989, the following the show has gathered has made it perhaps the most passionate and loyal fan base in television history. With a lovable cast and hilarious dialogue, "The Simpsons" continues to impress even as it is slated to begin its 33rd season on television.

One of the most featured settings of the show is none other than the Simpson house. At around 2,200 square feet, the Simpson's house features four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and even a sauna hidden in the basement. Leave it to Homer to have some of the quirkiest features within the home!

Determining how much the value of the Simpson home is a bit tricky, but after looking at the numbers and some of the notable features, the home sits somewhere in the ballpark of $449,900. The logical question that follows such an evaluation is how we got to that number.

Figuring out the approximate value of the Simpsons house is not an exact science, but some definite clues aided in figuring out a good ballpark estimate.

Location & the Price of The Simpsons Home

The famed town of Springfield plays host to the Simpson family and the collective cast of iconic characters that have graced the screen over the years. One of the stories that has circulated popular culture and the internet for years is that creator Matt Groening chose the name Springfield because it's the most commonly used name for a city in the entire United States. While it is extremely common, it's actually not the most common, with the honor going to Washington at 88 occurrences to Springfield's 41.

We dug a little bit deeper to find out that Groening, who tried to keep the basis for the show a secret, had based his fictional Springfield off his native home state of Oregon. Groening, who is from Portland, chose "Springfield" based off the town that is 100 miles from where he grew up. To determine how much The Simpsons home is we did a little research and looked at some of the recent SOLDS in Springfield, Oregon. We found a handful of comps that would be a good match and used the same approach when determining how much a home is worth

  • 4 BR 2 BA 1958 sqft [SOLD $420K]
  • 3 BR 2 BA 2210 sqft [SOLD $436K]
  • 4 BR 2 BA 1854 sqft [SOLD $449K]
  • 5 BR 2.5 BA 2160 sqft [SOLD $400K]

Above are some examples of the comps that we used. We had a couple of other comps that switched in and out to see where the estimated value of the Simpsons home came in at. Considering the average price per square foot ($213) and multiplying by the presumed Simpson home size of 2200 sq/ft, we arrive at the number $449,900. While Homer may be a bumbling fool, he does have an excellent job at the local powerplant that likely pays him somewhere between $75,000 - $85,000 per year. Also factoring in that they have been in the house since the late 1980s, Homer has some serious equity and likely paid far less for the home than its current value.

An Eye for Detail

You might be thinking to yourself, "How did they figure out the number of bathrooms and bedrooms?" Well, any astute viewer would notice that each of the three children have their own bedroom and Marge and Homer have the primary bedroom to themselves. There are two known bathrooms and figuring out the square footage was simple due to a replica that was built in 1997 by Kaufman and Broad Home Construction after a contest that was organized by FOX and Pepsi. The Simpson family has lived in their larger-than-average Springfield home for quite a few years now, but as time passes for the rest of us, they remain the same lovable, ageless family we've always known. Homer definitely doesn't enjoy the same type of luxuries that his boss Mr Burns enjoys, but there's no questioning his ability to provide for his family even through all his usual ineptitude. If you're ever looking at the Springfield, Oregon real estate market, you might not find yourself a home that stacks up to the beloved Simpson home. But when it comes to the show that multiple generations have grown up watching, there has certainly been no shortage of space to make memories for the Simpson family.

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