What to expect when having a Home Inspection
Top Tips for Homes Inspections

Home Inspection Tips

If you are a new homebuyer and thinking about buying a home here in Oldham County KY, It is clearly a good idea to hire a professional when having a home inspection, it is also not a bad idea to further educate yourself on what to look for and what you can expect during the home inspection.
Go ahead. Grab a flashlight and some gloves and start looking beyond all of those appealing features.
You never know what you may find-Check out these Home-Inspection nightmares  from This Old House.

What to look for in a Home Inspection.


Exterior Inspection


  • Multiple layers of Shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Curling shingles
  • Nail Pops
  • Chimney (Flaking or chipping brick)


Check for proper ventilation in:

  • Ridge vents
  • Soffit vents
  • Gable vents
Gutters may go overlooked sometimes but the importance of preventive maintenance is very crucial and can be detrimental to your foundation if ignored.


  • Adequate gutter system based on size of roof and the slope ( 3" or 4" gutters)
  • Check for downspouts and splash-blocks
  • Sagging gutters
  • Is the rain water being directed away from the base of the home


  • Check for proper grading
  • Is the slope sufficient (at least 3%-5%)


Interior Inspection


    • Check for doors or windows that are stuck or hard to open
    • Look for cracks above windows and doorways (signs of foundation shifts)
    • Caulking around the window
    • water stains or signs of mold from water intrusion


  • Uneven floors-loose floor boards
  • Cracks in tile floors


  • Check for water stains on ceilings or evidence of a recent repair
  • Cracks in walls or ceilings
  • Electrical Outlets-Loose outlets, Grounded, GFCI receptacles


  • Check for leaking faucets
  • Caulking around bathtub
  • Check for adequate water pressure
  • Inoperable or loose toilets


  • Check age of appliances
  • Condition-signs of ignored preventative maintenance


  • Check caulking around sink
  • Functionality of stove
  • Check kitchen cabinet doors and drawers
  • Possible water stains or mold under kitchen sink



Should I stay or should I go?

Hey Sellers!!! Not sure if you should be present at the home inspection? Check out Home Inspection Tips for Sellers. Can you think of any tips? Please COMMENT or SHARE below.

Easy to follow tips for Home Inspections.

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