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How Much Does it Cost to Live in Louisville?

Welcome to Louisville KY, the largest city in the Commonwealth. Even as a large city, it still has a small-town feel with a population of over 1.3 million people in the metropolitan area. Many newcomers are drawn here because of the affordable cost of living.

Before making a move to a new city it is important to find out how much it may cost to live there and how it may compare to your current city. Below we will break down the averages for some of the main necessities that you need for day-to-day living, compared to the national average and other cities.

How does Louisville compare to other major cities?

  Louisville New York Chicago
Housing $918 $2,053 $1,299
Food $729 $1,035 $800
Childcare $1,405 $2,992 $1,654
Transportation $1,166 $586 $1,041
Healthcare $1,149 $1,518 $1,176
Other Necessities $597 $1,119 $761
Taxes $789 $1,942 $1,010
Monthly Total $6,753 $11,245 +66.5% $7,741 +14.6%

*Statistics and data are gathered from multiple sources (USDA, CNT, Kaiser Family Foundation, HHS, Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey, EPI, Feeding America, Child Care Aware of America, and NBER).

Housing Cost

Median Sale Price in Louisville is $260,000

The cost of housing is one of the largest expenses for most individuals when it comes to the cost of living. When moving to a new city, your overall housing costs are important because they not only affect your budget but also determine your ability to live comfortably and afford other living expenses, such as utilities, groceries, and transportation. Understanding the local real estate market and making the right decision on the budget you set for your housing can greatly impact your financial health and lifestyle in a new location.

  Louisville KY National
Median Sale Price $260,000 $431,000
Average Rent $1,400 $3,300

Median Home Prices

The median home price in Louisville has continued to rise over the last 10 years. A shortage of inventory added with low-interest rates has been a major contributor to the increase. When looking at homes for sale, remember real estate is hyper-local, the median home price can vary based on the zip code you are looking for.

Average Rent Prices

Just as median home prices have increased, the average rent in Louisville has consistently increased year over year as well. The average rent price in Louisville can range from $1,050 for a 1-bedroom to $1,500 for a 3-bedroom.


Median Income in Louisville is $63,114

The average salary for a city is an important factor when it comes to the cost of living. It is also a strong component to the affordability index for the area if considering buying a home. For newcomers, especially those seeking employment, understanding the local job market and average earnings is key to ensuring that their income can comfortably cover living expenses, from housing to daily needs.

Average Salary in Louisville KY

When it comes to median household income, Louisville currently ranks 10th compared to other nearby cities.

Utility Cost

close up of electric meter

How much is the average electric bill in Louisville KY?

Overall the utility costs in Kentucky are among the lowest in the nation. Determining the cost of utilities is important as these expenses can vary significantly between different cities and directly affect your monthly budget. Utility costs, which include electricity, water, gas, and internet services, can add up quickly and impact your overall living expenses. Louisville Gas and Electric Company (LG&E) is the main utility provider in the Louisville area. LG&E provides natural gas to 333,000 customers and electricity to 429,000 customers. The average electric bill in Louisville KY is around $186.

  Louisville KY National
Energy Bill $186 $191
Phone Bill $176 $181


produce section at grocery store

An essential and daily expense to keep in mind when moving to a new city is the cost of groceries. Grocery prices can vary from one location to another. Depending on the size of your household, this can significantly influence your overall cost of living.

  Louisville KY National
Bread $3.95 $4.01
Eggs $3.79 $3.78
Milk $2.93 $4.15
Grocery Bill $406 $475


When moving to Louisville, the cost of transportation may be another important factor to consider. From public transportation to gas prices, and vehicle maintenance costs. These costs can vary between cities and can have a slight impact on your monthly budget. The Transit Authority of River City, commonly known as TARC to Louisvillians is the only public transportation service in Louisville and Southern Indiana. It has more than 220 buses, including 33 hybrid-electric and 15 all-electric. Every year, about 4.8 million people use TARC, with buses traveling a total of 6.57 million miles.

  Cash MyTarc
Single Ride $1.75 $1.50
24-hour - $3.50
7-day pass - $15
30-day pass - $50


Average monthly Healthcare cost in Louisville is $1,176

When researching the cost of living in Louisville, considering healthcare costs is equally important. Just like other costs, healthcare expenses can vary depending on the area and even available healthcare providers. The cost of healthcare in Louisville KY is 22.1% lower than the national average. The affordability and accessibility of medical care, including insurance premiums, out-of-pocket costs, and the availability of specialists, can impact your overall cost. The national monthly average for healthcare for a family of four is $1,437.

  Louisville KY National
Healthcare $1,176* $1,437*
Dental Visit $93 $113
Doctor Visit $102 $133
Optometrist $72 $125
Rx Drugs $366 $467

*average monthly cost for a family of four


Lifestyle costs in a new city can include basic entertainment, from eating out at the best restaurants, to hobbies, and any other personal interests. Life isn’t all work, the average cost for entertainment is something you may want to consider. One thing Louisville is well known for is the local park systems. There are many great parks in Louisville to visit to get free entertainment and exercise.

  Louisville KY National
Dry Cleaning $20 $16
Haircut $25 $28
Movie Ticket $12.50 $12.85


Kentucky sales taxes is 6%

When relocating to a new city, you may also want to pay attention to the tax rates. From sales tax to property taxes, as they can impact your overall cost of living. Louisville's sales tax rate aligns with Kentucky's state rate, however, the property taxes can vary by area and can impact your housing cost when buying a home. Understanding these different tax rates is important for newcomers, as they can directly affect your budget.

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