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Things to consider before making the move and what it is like living in Lexington KY.

The state of Kentucky is known to some of the most historically rich and beautiful towns and cities in America. People have been packing their bags and moving to the “Bluegrass State” for a variety of reasons, whether it be for its natural beauty or vibrant communities.

Living in Lexington KY

One city that many people have been flocking to is Lexington, which boasts several attractive qualities and has a little bit of something for everyone. Regardless of the reason for considering a move to Kentucky, Lexington should be at the top of anyone’s list. Those that already live in this beautiful city can speak at length about why it has quickly become one of the most attractive places to live in the country, and we will look to highlight several of these reasons for you in this article.


Anyone that is seriously considering relocating to a new area is primarily concerned about the ability to find a house within their price range. Luckily, homes in Lexington allow it to be a relatively easy experience, especially when compared to other big cities. The average cost of a 3-bedroom home sits at roughly $220,000 on average and rent for a single-bedroom hovers right around $1000 per month.

Cost of Living

row of houses in lexington neighborhood

Going hand-in-hand with the cost of housing is the cost of living. Fortunately, Lexington offers several perks that come with living in a bigger city, while maintaining the small town feel you may be looking for. That goes for the cost of living, as well. You can expect to pay between 5-10% less in living expenses as compared to the national average if living in Lexington with grocery and transportation costs sitting comfortably below other cities across the nation.

The Robust Job Market

Unless you are independently wealthy, chances are that you will be looking for a job upon moving to Lexington. There are several bustling industries throughout the Lexington area, and this helps contribute to the low unemployment rate throughout the city and extended metro area. Whether it be jobs in marketing, manufacturing, healthcare, or engineering, Lexington has career options for just about anyone in the market.

FUN FACT: The Jif peanut butter plant in Lexington is the largest peanut butter-producing facility in the world!

Tremendous “College Town” Energy

Sometimes the idea of a city being a college town can be thrown around with a negative connotation. When we are talking about Lexington, this is most definitely not one of those instances. Lexington locals welcome their college cohabitators every year and the two groups get along great! Seriously, ask any local what they think about having the University of Kentucky right down the road and they’ll likely tell you that it is one of the best universities with one of the best student bodies that could be asked for.

To that point, many of those that graduate from the University of Kentucky love the area so much that they decide to stick around. This helps contribute to the fact that nearly half of all Lexington residents have at least a bachelor’s degree. Equally as impressive is the fact that the public educations system in Lexington is ranked in high esteem throughout the state and nation.

A College Sports Fans Dream

kentucky basketball player shooting

Not everyone is going to be a big fan of college sports, but for those that are, the University of Kentucky is one of the most elite athletic schools in the country. The Wildcats regularly boast some of the most elite sports teams across the country and locals are always showing their Wildcat pride by displaying the iconic University of Kentucky blue. During the month of March, you will have no choice but to notice just how much pride the community takes in Kentucky basketball, as the men’s and women’s teams are regularly ranked amongst the best in the entire country!

Some of the most dedicated and passionate college sports fans hale right from Lexington and anyone that moves to the area will find out that fans of the Wildcats bleed blue together. Even if you are not the biggest fan of college sports or sports in general, there are few communities that come together to celebrate their college and their athletes more than Lexington.

Rich in History

Lexington has some seriously great historical sites that need to be seen to be fully appreciated. After first being settled in the late 18th century, Lexington has become known for its rich tradition and appreciation of its roots. Nearby Fayette County was named in honor of the Marquis de Lafayette while the name Lexington was given to the city to commemorate the starting place of the American Revolution.

Today, tourists and locals alike flock to the sprawling Henry Clay estate, the Mary Todd Lincoln House, the Aviation Museum of Kentucky, and even the Lexington Cemetery to get a small dose of the history that is ever present throughout the city. Whether or not you’re a big history buff is inconsequential: Lexington has some of the most breathtaking and historically significant sites of any city across the country.

The Equestrian Culture

horses at thoroughbred park

When most people think about horses, their minds immediately go to the Kentucky Derby, held at the world-renowned Churchill Downs. But you would be forgiven for not realizing the historical significance and present-day importance of Lexington for it’s role in the equestrian industry.

Lexington is the official horse capital of the world and is home to the world famous Keeneland Track, founded all the way back in 1936. Keeneland is on the Register for Historic Places and was once ranked as the #1 Thoroughbred Racing Track in the entire country. What’s more, is that Keeneland is host to several big races throughout the year and has been the site of some pretty famous movie scenes and the world’s largest thoroughbred auction.

Kentucky Bourbon

warehouse full of bourbon barrels

Kentucky is famous for producing bourbon and has seen many distilleries pop up throughout the state since production first took off in the late 1800s. Ashland Distillery was the first registered distillery in all of Central Kentucky, first established in 1865 and located right in Lexington. But being the first doesn’t mean that it was the only business in town, as multiple bourbon distilleries began operating during that same time period and continue to dot the streets of Lexington and the surrounding area.

Right outside of Lexington there are several distilleries that bourbon enthusiasts will know by name immediately: Buffalo Trace & Woodford Reserve are all within 45 miles of Lexington. Even if bourbon isn’t your drink of choice, there are several event venues to catch a concert, restaurants to enjoy a meal, breweries to grab a pint, or history-packed tours to enjoy all through The Distillery District in Lexington.

FUN FACT: 95% of the world’s Bourbon is aged in Kentucky. There are more bourbon barrels aging in Kentucky than there are people!

The Cleanliness

lex sign at visitor center

It’s unfortunate that some big cities get the reputation of being 'dirty' and since Lexington is one of the largest cities in the state of Kentucky; second to Louisville. It would be easy to imagine that could hold true. However, Forbes Magazine recently ranked Lexington as one of the cleanest cities in the United States and the fact that the city has been able to claim this distinction is a point of extreme pride for its residents.

If you are going to call Lexington your next home, knowing that your fellow neighbors and residents take as much pride in the city as you will is so important. Lexington has built a reputation as being a city that is a cut above and maintaining clean streets and public accommodations is a big reason why.

There’s No Shortage of Things to Do

Jack Harlow concert at Rupp Arena Lexington

Among all of the natural beauty and booming businesses throughout Lexington, each day can truly bring something new. From concerts to enjoying one of the over 100 parks scattered throughout Lexington. There are numerous breathtaking gardens, hiking trails, zip-line trails, and more to enjoy. Outdoor enthusiasts will continually find new adventures to take that range from lightly active to physically demanding. Whether it’s a hike at Boone Creek Outdoors, a walk along Flower Bowl or the massive Raven Run Nature Sanctuary, the outdoors has to be experienced to be believed in Lexington and the surrounding area.

For those that have an interest in the less outdoorsy activities, there is no shortage of things to keep you busy in Lexington. Whether it be tours through the several historical places or distilleries mentioned above, or museum trips, live music venues, or to any number of other attractions, it’s no wonder how Lexington has become one of the most attractive destinations throughout the region.

Weather - Four Seasons

If you are looking for a reasonable climate that skews to the warmer side of the thermometer throughout the spring and summer, Lexington is your sport. The high temperature throughout the summer hovers around 86 degrees Fahrenheit while the low temperature in winter is typically around 23-26 degrees. There’s never too much snow with an annual average of 10 inches per year and the season can be described as short, cold, and wet.

If you are looking for a tropical climate for most of the year, Lexington is not your place, but the climate is certainly more tolerable than your northeastern states and offers several months of warmth and humidity to give a nice contrast to the occasional chill of winter.

Some Things to Keep in Mind [Cons]

There are countless positive attributes to rattle off about moving to Lexington and why it should be at the top of anyone's list. But it is not without its flaws and considerations to make. It is important to note that there is a persistent threat of tornados throughout the state of Kentucky along with flooding, as the weather can be unpredictable at times. Although this fact should not scare you away from making a move, the sometimes-unpredictable nature of the weather throughout the state is something that should be taken into consideration.

Seasonal Allergies

Going along with the unpredictable nature of the weather, the warmth, wetness, and humidity can do a number on anyone that suffers from seasonal allergies. There is an uptick in pollen throughout the summer months which can do a number to someone who suffers from allergies.


view of traffic on main street Lexington

One other consideration to make is that since Lexington is a fairly big city (although it has small town charm), traffic can get quite congested at times. This is mainly due to the fact that the city wasn’t initially designed with the current population numbers in mind. There are public transportation options to help alleviate some of this, and the traffic congestion is nowhere near what you’d experience in New York or Los Angeles, but it is still important to be prepared for some longer commute times during peak hours.


Lexington continues to be one of the most sought-after cities throughout the country for anyone looking to relocate. With no shortage of job prospects, activities, outdoor attractions, or things to do, it should be easy to see why those that already live there love it so much.

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