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Are you moving to Oldham County, KY or do you know someone thinking about making the move? This is a must-read!!

From quiet country roads to award-winning schools, it’s no wonder why the slogan for Oldham County is “Quietly Amazing”. If you are considering making the move to Oldham County you will quickly discover that this county has so much to offer!

A Growing Community...

Oldham County has continued to grow in popularity over the years and as result, the population has continued to increase at a steady pace over the past few decades. Experiencing both a sustainable economy and a high demand for homes for sale in Oldham County.

Complete Guide: Relocating to Oldham County, KY

If you're from out of town it may be a little challenging to know what to expect when moving to Oldham County, KY. Find out what makes this area so special. You will learn more about the well-liked activities and year-round highlights that take place in Oldham County as we explore why locals enjoy living there.

10 Reasons why you'll love Oldham County KY

List of Reasons Why You Will
Love Moving to Oldham County KY

1. Award-Winning Schools

If you have been researching the best places to live in Kentucky, chances are you have come across a couple of cities located in Oldham County.

One of the most common reasons people choose to move to Oldham County is because of the nationally recognized and award-winning schools. Oldham County School District has ranked in the top 4% of all districts throughout Kentucky which places the local school system in the “Distinguished” category.

Just recently North Oldham High School was ranked 9th on Newsweeks list of top High Schools for 2016

Search real estate by Oldham County School District boundaries.

There is a total of three high schools, four middle schools, and nine elementary schools in Oldham County. Some of the newest schools added to the list are Locust Grove Elementary, Kenwood Elementary, and East Oldham Middle School.

2. Living in Oldham County = Great Neighborhoods

Oldham County neighborhoodOver the years Oldham County has been home to some of the most popular neighborhoods around the Louisville area. You will find that the most common type of real estate is a single-family home. Houses in Oldham County are usually built on lots that range from less than a quarter acre to homes built on more than five acres.

If you are moving to Oldham County, typically you will find that the average lot for a home in Oldham County is around one acre. It is common that some subdivisions to have homeowner associations to help sustain a stronger community.

Take a look at some of the most popular neighborhoods in Oldham County below:

Popular Subdivisions in Oldham County KY

Ashbrooke Ballard Glen Borowick Farms
Briar Hill Estates Cherrywood Place Croftboro Farms
Crystal Lake Darby Pointe Glen Oaks
Grand Dell Heather Hills Heritage Place
Hillcrest Kentucky Acres Longwood
Moser Farms Springhouse Estates Williamsgate
Willow Woods Woodland Lakes

3. Small Town Charm

When relocating to Oldham County you will notice the warm small-town feel. It's typical for a resident to go to a local store and run into a friend or neighbor.

When driving through the county you will also notice that there are very few traffic lights. Usually the only time you will experience any kind of traffic jam when living in Oldham County is the result of traffic re-routing from interstate 71.

4. Small Businesses-A Great Reason to Move to Oldham County

There are a lot of small businesses in Oldham County. Residents here are always very supportive of the local companies and are proud to shop local. Be sure to check out some of the small businesses around the area to discover what they have to offer. There is a variety of places to eat. From your common restaurant chain to your go-to pizza place on a Friday night!

Top Three Employers in Oldham County:

  1. The Rawlings Company - 600+ employees
  2. Baptist Hospital East - 500+ employees
  3. Cedar Lake Lodge - 300+ employees

5. Historical Landmarks in Oldham County

La Grange is known as the only town left in America that has a street runner running down Main Street. On-street runner or street running is the routing of a railroad track or tramway track that runs directly alongside public streets, without any separation. The rails are embedded in the roadway pavement, and the train actually shares the street with pedestrians and vehicles.

FUN FACT: Up to 30 trains a day pass through the historic Downtown LaGrange.

6. Sustainable Economy

One thing that you will love about Oldham County is that it is always growing! Planning and Zoning does a great job improving and expanding the local community by having the opportunity to welcome new businesses to the area. Since 2010, the population in Oldham County has grown by almost 14%. This just shows that Oldham County has consistently had sustainable growth over the years. 

7. Community Resources

If you like to be involved in your local community there is definitely an opportunity for you to volunteer here in Oldham County and around the local community.

We have amazing resources and great local libraries. Be sure to check out the main branch located in La Grange, KY which opened in 2009. Known as the first green (environmentally responsible) library in Kentucky.

8. Convenient Location

One reason why people move to Oldham County, KY is because of the average commute. The average drive to work is only 25 minutes. Oldham County is located only 20 miles east of Louisville and less than 90 miles from Cincinnati, OH. With the addition of the new East End Bridge near Prospect, we expect a better flow of traffic and more convenient travel around the Greater Louisville area.

9. Youth Sports-A Great Reason to Move to Oldham County

Do you enjoy attending local high school football games on a Friday night? Or cheering on your kid's little league game during the week? There is a lot of community support when it comes to youth sports in Oldham County.

If you enjoy youth sports you will enjoy the different sports available here in Oldham County. From high school football to little league baseball.

FUN FACT: North Oldham Little League - 2011 Great Lakes Regional Champions

10. Parks & Recreation

Kid playing at Oldham County playgroundIf you are moving to Oldham County you will find that there are very nice parks and playgrounds to visit around the area. Even though you are nearby to the many popular parks in Louisville-you don't have to travel far.

Thanks to the Oldham County Greenways added with other local contributors. Two of the most popular parks in Oldham County is Wendell Moore Park located in La Grange, KY, and the most recently added Maples Park in Crestwood. 

Popular Parks in Oldham County:

  1. Maples Park
  2. Wendell Moore Park
  3. Peggy E. Baker Park
  4. Briar Hill Park
  5. John T. Walsh Park

A Little About Oldham County & the Cities

Below is a list of the popular areas throughout Oldham County. Each city has its own uniqueness. Learn more to find out which one may be the right fit for you!


Buckner, which was originally called La Fayetteville. In the mid-1800, the city was known as Buckner Station. This was during the time the Railroad first went into operation. It wasn't too long after it received its name that it is formerly known as today. Even today you can still find open and spacious lots throughout the city of Buckner. Buckner KY can be found just off of Interstate 71, just north of Downtown Louisville.

Search Homes for Sale in Buckner KY


Crestwood is located in the South, Southwestern part of Oldham County and only minutes from the Jefferson County line. Because of its close proximity to Downtown Louisville, Crestwood has become a very desirable community. Also near popular shopping attractions such as Springhurst and Paddock Shops (The Summitt).

Search Homes for Sale in Crestwood KY


Goshen was founded in the mid-1800 and was originally known as Saltillo-the Mexican city near the 1847 battle of the Mexican-American War. Goshen is located in the northern part of Oldham County. The City of Goshen, which was originally known as the Harmony Lake subdivision, became the seventh city in Oldham County in 1990.

Search Homes for Sale in Goshen KY

La Grange

La Grange was founded in 1827 when the Oldham County seat was originally located in Westport. The City of La Grange is found just northeast of Louisville. A home rule-class city in Oldham County, Kentucky. With a population of more than 8000 people and is currently known as the seat of Oldham County.

About 10 minutes north-west of Lagrange is one of the most internationally famous thoroughbred horse farms Hermitage Farm. Producing one of the Kentucky Derby winners, breeders cup winner in Kentucky Oaks winner.

Search Homes for Sale in La Grange KY

FUN FACT: Queen Elizabeth II visited Hermitage Farm in the mid-1980.

Pewee Valley

Don't let the name of the city fool you...Pewee Valley is actually located on a ridge and not a valley. Fun fact. Pewee Valley got its name from a bird. The Eastern Wood Pewee. If you touring the area you will find mature trees and beautiful historical homes located throughout Pewee Valley. New development in the city didn’t start to pick up until the late ’70s and early 80’s as subdivisions began being built. Today there is estimated to be upwards of 600 homes found in Pewee Valley...and growing.

Search Homes for Sale in Pewee Valley KY


One of the most popular communities in Kentucky. Prospect KY is found partially in the northeastern part of Jefferson County and the northwestern part of Oldham County. Less than 20 minutes from Downtown Louisville. US 42 provides the majority of transportation running through the city. Originally known as Sandhill when it was settled by farmers in the late 18th century, currently the community has grown up around Prospect railroad station directed by the oval Harris Creek in Westport.

Search Homes for Sale in Prospect KY

Final Thoughts: What to Love about Oldham County

If you are making the move to Oldham County or are thinking about relocating here in the future, it's safe to say that Oldham County is a great place to live, work, and play. With the population on a constant rise, year after year, you will be sure to make new friends on your new journey. As a lifelong resident myself, feel free to contact me or comment below if you have any questions about living in Oldham County. Look forward to hearing from you!!

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